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: May 21, 2022

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Tahadhari Center for Climate and Migration in the Euro-Med" (Tahadhari Center/TCCMEM registered number in Brussels 0776.433.431) is aimed to be a hotbed for policy research and resources in the field of Climate and Migration in Euro-Med region.

'Tahadhari' in the Swahili language, which is considered the most widely spoken language in the region of the Sahara - countries that are exposed to acute climate crisis followed by forced displacement - means Alert!!  the need to put attention and not anymore ignoring, which exactly defines the Center vision for activities.

Tahadhari Center focuses on developing knowledge on climate induced migration, and works for shape the international climate migration policy, via research, stakeholders' meetings, working papers, media and more.

The EU's Green Deal will be one of the strategic frame of the long term activities in vulnerable areas in Southern and Eastern Europe and in Africa - aimed to create a regional climate economy partnership that takes into account the weakest links and energy poverty, so that adaptation programs are not only targeting the environmental objectives but socially, economically, culturally adaptation oriented and lead to regional climate resilience and regional climate governance that includes clear reference to cross-continent situation.

Tahadhari Center's action models are based on models from the start-up field of innovation, with a strong emphasis on establishing collaboration with business sector actors, applied science researchers, representatives of local organizations and local authorities. This model was developed by us in order to implement projects in the field of energy innovation, or for example innovative knowledge-based waste management, tools development for techno-climatic training of local populations in accordance with the capacity of population groups in the field as of agriculture and economic ventures, and to achieve UN 'SDGs and EU Green Deal objectives.

The center ' activities includes Think-Tanks with diverse background and expertise, focusing on research, policy, media and communication, holding workshops, conferences, publications, and public events.



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