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: Sep 5, 2023

About Me

Euro-Funding is a versatile and rigorous consultancy in project finance, tax reduction and cost savings through consultative selling. We are rigorous in the quality of the deliverables we prepare, analysing in depth for each project all possible ways of financing, optimising and generating savings. For more than two decades, we have been building a network of international partners.

We have a team specialised in strategic consulting helping companies (private and public), universities, technology centres and research organisations to manage EU grants and subsidies:

  • Search for partners for collaborative projects, consortia
  • Proposal writing, including viability check of the project idea and fitting with the topic of the call, preparation of the proposal and the negotiation stage with EC
  • Project Management: Coordination and management of collaborative projects including administrative, financial, technical management, and communication with the funding body
  • Positioning and visibility activities
  • Communication and dissemination project results through a plan from the proposal phase as a partner

We have expertise in the following areas: 

  • Collaborative projects (IA, RIA, CSA, PCP, PPI)
  • Other Horizon Europe (ERC, MSCA...)
  • EIC (Accelerator, Pathfinder, Transition)
  • Other European Programmes (LIFE, Erasmus+, Eureka, Innovation Fund, CEF...)
  • National Funding (Spain, Poland)
  • ​Project Management Support
  • IPR advisory services
  • Innovation management service
  • Consultancy on R&D tax deduction and incentives 
  • Cost and expense reduction consultancy, purchasing consultancy
  • Identifying opportunities, propose production improvements
  • Increase market share and profitability
  • Environmental consultancy, implement energy efficiency measures and develop actions to reduce environmental impact
  • Provide advice and recovery of foreign VAT 
  • Analysis and recovery of taxation associated with real estate and its economic activities

Fields of Expertise:

 Renewable Energy
 Digital Economy
 International Project Management
 Technical Writing

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