Platforms for
ON Up2Europe

  • Visibility
    Increase your visibility with the Up2Europe Partner Platforms solutions

  • Existing Network
    Get into a European partner community to maximise your opportunities for cooperation

  • Matchmaking Tools
    Find partners using adapted tools and services based on your needs

Platforms for Ideas, Projects and Ecosystems

For any group of partners looking for a space, an access point or matchmaking tool to increase their visibility and strengthen their cooperation activities.

Up2Europe can join your consortium
as a technical partner for your communication strategy

Call for Partners SPACE

Want people to know what you're up to?
This space is dedicated for you and your working Partners to gain more visibility.
Here is where you introduce your idea, activity or Partnership to the Up2Europe community.

Who can use this space?
  • A space for Partners linked to a Call for Proposal
  • A space for Partners linked to an Idea
  • An open space for new Partners

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Need a website to disseminate your project activities?
This is a space for you to improve the visibility of your project, activity and partnership.

Who can use this space?
  • Formed consortiums looking for a fast web solution
  • A European Project Consortium looking for a way to reach a wider audience

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Matchmaking PLATFORM

Looking for a web tool to drive your cooperation strategy?
This product gives you a full set of tools for partner matchmaking.
It helps Clusters, Business Support Organizations or Semi-private bodies attract more opportunities with new Partners. Wider visibility from Up2Europe guarantees an easy way to involve new Partners.

Who can use this space?
  • Private bodies interested in developing activities in their sector
  • Existing clusters working in a given area which are searching for a support platform

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Accelerator PLATFORM

Let's raise more funding for the cooperation in your territory
This product is designed for public entities only and gives you a powerful set of tools for partner matchmaking.
Partners with coordinates inside the given territory will be automatically included in the Platform.
A communication strategy must follow the deployment of such a platform in order to improve the results.

Who can use this space?
  • Public bodies interested in increasing the cooperation activities in their administrative territory
  • Regional authorities looking for a way to converge more European funding

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Grid Features Overview

Call for Partners SPACE

Project website

Matchmaking Platform

Accelerator Platform

Up2Europe Partner Profile

Registration, Profile Page, Map, Contact Form

Interactive Map

With all Partner members

Membership Logo on Up2Europe

All profile members will be tagged on Up2Europe with a membership logo of your Platform.

Maximum number of Partners

Allowed to be part of your Platform

Up2Europe Platform Page


With a modern and responsive interface (

Web Platform

Advanced features focused on Partner matchmaking

Partner Searching Tools

Search for Partners geographically, with keywords or by Text Matching

Idea publication

Propose Idea and Call for Partners requests

Membership Acceptance

Member access criteria
Join Us
Join Us

Experts Area

Experts provided by the public Authority in charge of helping and supporting the Partners in your platform

Add-On Overview

Call for Partners SPACE

Project website

Matchmaking Platform

Accelerator Platform

Custom Template

Communication Strategy

Adapted case by case to increase the impact of such a Platform

Extra Pages

Used to introduce activities, projects, events

Call Publishing

Ready to disseminate one or more Calls related to your Project

Custom Functions

Ready to improve the quality of your tools for a better user experience

Extra Languages


Need More Features?

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