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One of the most dynamic cities in the Mediterranean

Up2Europe is the first ideas accelerator for European cooperation We aim to create a virtual community for Up-and-coming professionals working on European projects.

Building the ecosystem
for european cooperation

Up2Europe is building the network which will bring cooperation to the next generation.

Up2Europe is a company based in France . The team is a mix of experts from the European cooperation, IT industry, and entrepreneurs specialized in modern Web platforms. We are passionate people whose goal is to have a positive impact to the cooperation sector.

Power Up the Online Tools
for cooperation 2.0

  • We're on a mission to make European cooperation simpler, more pleasant and accessible for everyone.

  • Our aim is to power Up the capabilities of online services and tools to bring cooperation to a new level.

  • We want to give the European community a sharing platform where users can submit their ideas and see them accelerate into real-life projects.

  • If you are interested in working with Up2Europe,
    get in touch and tell us your story.

The Team

Several expertise mixed together in an high qualified Expert Team

Blog & Marketing
Graphic Designer
Andrea Pirastru - CEO & Founder Up2Europe
CEO & founder
Andrea Pirastru - CEO & Founder Up2Europe
CTO & founder
Web developer & UI Designer
Translation & proofreading

Want to join us ?

You are autonomous while loving to work in a team, you like to work in a dynamic environment, in perpetual evolution, you feel concerned by the world of the international cooperation, you have strong values ​​of work, of listening, of humility, of adaptability and you keep smiling, so do not hesitate, join our team and send us your CV (!