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: Mar 27, 2019

About Me



Be competent. Be fair. Be a reliable partner. Be nice. Build bridges between the organisations we represent and the European institutions.

With nearly 18 years since ADS Insight came into being, we take pride in our reputation of living up to our mantra. Every day.

With the help of our dedicated and dynamic team we strive to tailor-make our services to the individual needs of each client. We make sure that you know what’s going on and when it’s going on. We lead you to effective communications with the European decision-makers at all political and technical levels.

We keep an open mind to new ideas and always maintain an international perspective.

Above all, it is a question of seeing. Thinking. Knowing. And understanding. All, to deliver that one single thing we all seek: Insight.



When you look at Europe. Its countries. Its institutions. What you see is complex.

When we look at Europe, however, we see clarity. We see coherence. We understand how Europe works.

Because of this, we have learned to see and hear for our clients. To think hard on their behalf. On behalf of their clients. And on behalf of their industries or members.

In essence, we take our clients one step further than they expected to go. We take them to understanding.

To see beyond the surface. To understand how Europe works. And how we can work for you. Please give us a call. And we’ll share our insight.

Fields of Expertise:

 European social fund (ESF)

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