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Web tools for european cooperation

Up2Europe is an open network for European cooperation.

Stakeholders such as Universities, SMEs, Research Institutes as well as Public Authorities has already joined Up.
Take the role of a protagonist in your cooperation activities


Matchmaking Platforms
for Your Network

Designed for Consortium, Cluster and Public Authorities

This solution is aimed at any group of partners like Consortiums, Clusters, Regional Authorities that need a matchmaking tool, to increase their visibility and strengthen their cooperation activities.

Looking for an example of such a platform? Have a look at the platform made for the Région Sud in the south of France

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Up2Europe Experts

Up2Europe Experts are highly skilled professionals selected by the Up Team.

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Consulting Services provided by Up2Europe Experts

Looking for a pre-submission evaluation of your Erasmus+ proposal?
Looking for specific training for financial management of European Projects?
Check out the available Up2Europe Experts near you!


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Up2Europe can offer you extra visibility in your consultant role
Apply for the Expert Subscription to become Expert if you have at least 5 years experience in one or more the available areas of expertise

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