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: Dec 15, 2022

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About Me

I am Frankie Picron, EUD’s Project Manager, representing EUD for EU projects.
 With a master’s degree in Law, I represent the deaf community in expressing various issues such as access to employment, political participation, and equality in public and private life of deaf people. I regularly provide insights from my experience as a Policy Assistant on human rights issues. I actively contributed to the H2020 Action NEXES project (Next Generation Emergency Services), Erasmus+ DESIGNS project (Deaf Employment for Sign Language Users in the EU) and Signteach project and continues to manage projects (Justisigns 2, EASIER, SignON, DESEAL, Deaf Museum, Free Technology Signs, ADPA-EED, SHAPES) while demonstrating human skills and ability to consider the interests of stakeholders.

Visit EUD's website to find which projects EUD are working on. 

Keywords and matching areas:

 Capacity Building
 Education and Training
 Adult Learning
 Lifelong Learning
 Cultural heritage
 Digital Culture
 Europe for Citizens
 Horizon Europe
 Human Rights

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