Draft Proposal Review

Give your draft proposal to an expert

Proposals are often rejected because they lack clarity and focus or they are not understandable and engaging for the evaluator, not necessarily an expert in the field. Let an expert review your draft! The fresh insight of an UP2EUROPE expert on your draft proposal is essential to increase the quality and effectiveness of your project idea, giving you more chances of getting funded.


Proposals must describe clearly and consistently the project’s idea and approach, including explanation of objectives and expected results, relevance for the selected call for proposals, topic and geographic area, innovative methodologies and activities, etc.  Furthermore, they should be understandable and appealing for non-technical people and should demonstrate the significance of the project for those outside the field.


The service Review of the Draft Proposal provides a thorough review of the proposal, including proof-reading and suggestions of revised text, coherence check and precise comments for improvement. UP2EUROPE experts bring added value to your proposal thanks to:

  • experience of working with EU funds: deep knowledge of programmes’ and instruments’ priorities and objectives and of their official selection criteria
  • a technical expertise differing from those of the consortium and a sound understanding of proposal writing,  project development and implementation
  • a new view:  having a fresh pair of eyes on the proposal can bring up some typos and inaccuracies overlooked by the authors.


This is just a short description, if you need more details, please ask for a Quote!

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