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Up2Europe Experts are highly skilled professionals selected by the Up Team.

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How it Works

Here are few key points to help you understand who the Up2Europe Expert are

Up2Europe Experts

  • Are a selection of highly skilled consultants registered on Up2Europe
  • Apply for the Expert Subscription to become Expert if you have at least 5 years experience in one or more areas of expertise
  • Up2Europe Experts provide SMART SERVICES via the main Platform
  • Find the list of all features available below


  • Are the smartest way to engage a customer with an Expert
  • The price and conditions of the final service are defined in agreement with the customer.
  • See the service section for an overview of all services


Four different areas of expertise linked to the SMART SERVICES.

This badge is given to the Up2Europe expert with good knowledge of EU instruments and programmes, who can advise the applicant on all issues related to European funding
Trainers are the intermediaries to help people better understand how to manage european projects, write a winning proposal or where to find the target funding opportunity.
EU Project Manager
This title is given to consultants that have managed several european projects and act as Consultant for such services.
Proposal Evaluator
This qualification is available to those who have the expertise in assessing your winning proposal before the proposal's submission.


Available for the Up2Europe Experts

Expert Profile

A Powerful Consultant Profile on Up2Europe

SMART Services

A Consultant profile with your selection of services such as Supporting, Grant writing, Proofreading, Pre-submitting Evaluation, Training,...
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Visibility is given to all Up2Europe Experts in the Consultant result set, next to the target Calls, in the Widget and in the search engine of european projects

Up2Europe Ad Space

Experts are promoted in the Up2Europe advertisement spaces

Advanced Quote Form

Based on your services definition your Contact form can orient customers to define their quote request

Target your Call

Become the reference on Up2Europe for your target Calls for proposals

Your Audience

Understand who your viewers are and what brought them to you

30 Days Trial Period

You can try the services for Free, before subscribing

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About the fee and conditions

Expert Subscription

Find some must-know information about the Expert Subscription below


199.2 €
Annual subscription

The Key Points:

  • Commitment to a 12 month Expert Subscription
  • Payment for the first 12 months required upon subscription
  • After the first year you can renew or unsubscribe
  • At which point, if you unsubscribe before the end, you will be reimbursed for any remaining months

Andrea Pirastru - CEO & Founder Up2Europe

Up2Europe is a niche marketplace for European cooperation. One new contract signed can easily pay your membership fee for many years.

Andrea Pirastru
CEO Up2Europe

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