Tomaz Slibar

: Dec 4, 2018

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About Me

We specialize in setting up factory (company) and theme museums, rooms, attractive pop-up exhibitions We take care of complete project or only a part of the project; idea development, contents preparation or attractive (live or multimedia -agumented reality) presentation development. Our speciality is also the develpoment of top visitor experience in order to assure the project is attractive and meets its (brand) goals.

Some of the projects we developed;
- Alpine ski museum (Elan, Slovenia) - complete idea and content development of the first factory museum of any ski producter in the world ( in 2018)
-  The traditional 250 years old gingerbread workshop (in 2017) as a live museum- and making it a top tourist attraction in the region

Keywords and matching areas:

 Cultural heritage
 Project Development
 Business Management
 International Project Management

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