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The science of Boomerang
Start date: May 10, 2016, End date: Nov 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The statistics show that only 22% of Europeans aged over 15 are engaged with volunteering activities. There are still lots of people that dont understand the importance of voluntarism and its endless benefits both for the volunteers and for communities. With this project we seek to promote volunteering, to empower youth to take an active role in their society and increase their sense of belonging to local community, as well as bring together young people from different areas of Europe with high/medium/low percentage of people's engagment with voluntarism for exchanging good practices. One of the challenges that people find in volunteering is lack of information (where, what, how and why), therefore in cooperation of 10 partners we will create an informative brochure giving details on volunteering possibilities in our countries and possibilities within ERASMUS+ programme. "The science of Boomerang" seeks for visible and long-term results on regional and European level in attempt to fight youth unemployment trough gaining certain sought by employers qualifications and experiencing volunteering activities. Our youth exchange is a tool that will change and re-shape the perceptions of the young multipliers that will take part in order to improve the access and participation rates of young people in volunteering projects and community programs. We strongly believe that this youth exchange will help us to reach more people with the main message that volunteering is a great way to get work experience, broaden your perspectives, train 'soft skills', enlarge contacts and build proffessional network, increase self-confidence - all leading to finding employment and having stronger position on labour market.This youth exchange is designed for active youngsters that want to make a change in their society, who are interested in the topic of volunteering and who are motivated to gain new skills and competences. The youth exchange "The science of Boomerang" will gather 51 participants from Estonia, Portugal, Macedonia, Poland, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Turkey. The project will be carried out in the city of Tallinn in the middle of September. We will introduce participants to the context of active volunteering, together we wil try to find new creative ways of promoting volunteering, we will identify direct connection between voluntarism and employment and we will exchange the realities from our societies. Whole concept is fully based around the principle of non-formal learning (round-tables, sharing and exchanging opinions, team buildings, case studies, thematic workshops, group discussions, etc) and learning-by-doing. The methods will be used in an interactive way to have a long-lasting effect on remembrance. Basics of Erasmus+ programme and concept of Youthpass with its key competences will be promoted throughout the project. By the end of the youth exchange we will organise a big volunteering event that will be done in collaboration with local organisations and istitutions for getting real volunteering experience, local youth will have a chance to join our activities on this day and have a group discussion with foreigners why it is important to volunteer and how we can engage more yongsters with it. We expect that participants will improve life-long learning competencies that are important for their professional development: communication in mother and foreign languages, civic skills, cultural awareness and expression, interest to engage in communities and networks for cultural, social or professional purposes. Youngsters will break the stereotypes among each other and will improve their sensitivity and solidarity. This project will give the young participants an opportunity to organize informal activities for their peers and local community and to be active citizens through volunteering. The skills learned in this youth exchange are not only applicable just to unemployment but can be expanded to form a broader base for life learning experiences. These long term, synergistic benefits will help to propel forward a more inclusive and better attitude towards active citizen participation throughout Europe and the surrounding countries.

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