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CORE 2 - Chellenging Europe
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"CORE 2- Challenging Europe" is a Training Course on conflict mangement in intercultural field facing actual European challenges as migrants situation, stereotypes and xenophobia and providing tools to fight these through cultural youthwork. It is the follow-up of "CORE" TC held in Hungary in May 2015 by the organisation HVSF, with Associazione Agrado as one of the partners.Everyday we see increasing challenges, like conflicts and massive migrations, that Europe is called to face. Under the surface, Europe is living also the precarity and pressure of the social and economical situation (unemployment, less resources, ...) and all these factors affect people and countries in different ways, sometimes leading to racist and xenophobic behaviours and laws.These factors increase the inner conflicts and spread them to outside, between youngsters and the society, making the work of youth workers more complicated.Furthermore the needs and issues our project is seeking to address are the lack of competences from organisations and youthworkers in dealing with these new waves of refugees and the new xenophoby, racism, violence. We will explore the situation on migrants and xenophoby in the different countries and promote Youthwork and NFE as tools and methods to fight the raising attitude to racism and xenophoby in order to spread an European culture of peace.OBJECTIVES1. Provide Youth Workers with practical tools and experiential non-formal activities on conflict management, stereotypes and migration issues that they can use with youth in raising their awareness on these issues;2. Improve youth work quality and enhance the role of youth workers and NGOs as social facilitators spreading European values of a culture of peace vs. violence and xenophobia;3. Enhance the participants attitude in transforming the conflict issues into learning opportunity and bring positive outcomes from these;4. Share among youth workers and partners common concerns about these issues exchanging visions and tools;5. Enhance international cooperation attitude, bounds of trust between participants and organisations;6. Recognition of the educational value of NFE activities for building a peaceful European awareness and citizenship skills- Recognition of these NFE experience through Youthpass and different learning tools;7. Creation of outcomes (a daily Blog and a Booklet) to disseminate in order to give our contribution to YW empowerment."CORE 2" will take place in Vinci, Italy- from 16th to 23rd of September 2016 and will gather 21 participants (3 from each country) + 3 trainers and 2 staff persons- from 7 different countries: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.All the participants are Youth Workers engaged in the Partner Organisations; their active participation is empowered and ensured from the beginning through the common planning of the project idea and shared needs, suggestions and task division. The Activity daily programme meets the project objectives and partners needs and it's composed by different steps and activities:firstly we will investigate migrants situation in the different countries through participants presentations, evaluating this phenomenon and its consequences in the social, politic and personal level; then we will work offering participants tools and methods to fight the factors leading to xenophobia (cultural stereotypes, bad conflict mangement, fears, ethnocentrism,..) to use in their work in favour of youth.Workshops on Theatre of the Oppressed and Forum Theatre, innovative Board Game and card game on cultural stereotypes and conflict mangement, Role -play and Win-win games will make them experiment the feelings to be part of the conflict and the social weakest part of it, and to learn how is possible to change it and live in a more tolerant and inclusive society, managing conflicts and resources and acting for cooperation with an win-win attitude. Every day we will have moment for learning assessment and evaluation during "Reflection Time" and a Final evaluation.We will also have an Open session to present the results to local community and follow-up and diffusion activities.It is foreseen to produce a daily Blog and at the end a Booklet with activities and tools for conflict mangement and inclusion.Participating Youth workers and organisations can be the best multipliers of the project achievements and results because they will apply these ones every day in their work with youth. The project will bring long term results in spreading a culture of peace among youth through the improved competences of Youth workers (Tools and methods for conflict management, skills for inclusion, empathy, self awareness on Youthworker role,..) and will increase the Partner Organisations capacity to operate at international level and to promote quality in youth work and inclusion and validation of non-formal education. Youth will be the final beneficiary of the project.
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