I.k. Business Consulting

: Dec 7, 2020

About Me

I look back on years of doing business internationally with great pleasure. I assisted dozens of foreign companies with their entry into the Dutch market. And the other way around I brought Dutch companies outside our borders.

I helped company directors to prepare their strategic plans, to formulate their mission and vision, to shrink and to grow. So you can say that as a visionary I bring a good dose of experience. Plus a huge network of active business partners at different levels in numerous branches at home and abroad.

I'm taking & guiding you with me-

I am happy to help you (out of the box) through the upcoming phase of your business development. I think along with you as a sounding board and initiator. We develop the right strategy together, where you can draw on the skills that I bring: business talent, the necessary legal knowledge, a scientific education and a strong sense of interaction with people & no nonsens attitude!

Fields of Expertise:

 Project Management
 Business Development

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