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At home or on a world scale: education for peace!
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The 21th century is full of international conflicts, although we live in the longest "peace period" of all previous times in the history of the Central Europe. Everything what is happing now all over the world shows, that the humans don't learn from the consequences of the history. The war deputies are usual and even inherent to a system and the social atmosphere is getting rougher towards "marginal groups". The Violence towards children is also very actual on the ground of constantly araising social differences.With this youth exchange we would like to prove and demostrate, that a conflict resolution can run in a peaceful way, without violence and suppression. The teenagers should live and comprehend these values not only during the youth exchange but afterwards too. These arguments brought us to the point to occupy ourselves with the topic "Peace and Human rights". In the project "At home or on a world scale: education for peace" we would like to invite our partner organizations to deal with the above mentioned problems.One of the aims is spreading and putting as an example of a peaceful life taking into account human dignity and rights, because there is nothing worse than violence independent on its form. The education plays here a very important role. This conscious education we would like to transfer to all participants to use it during their life way, acting and deciding on their own only in a peaceful way. Herewith we intend to work at the meaning of "peace", explain it and live in our workshops and other planned activities. Due to these exercises the youth should learn coopearation, team spirit, communication and much more comptences. Therefrom the tolerance, acceptance, appreciation, conflict resolution, team work and solidarity should be shown, experienced and sustainable conveyed. These competences will be developed through different methods, which will unite brain, mind and feeling. Varied exercises in groups, alone, or in the nature etc should enable this combination. The presentations during the cultural evenings and in the school-ending camp require active cooperation and an effective project management and organisation. These promote self-confidence. Furthermore the international networking and friendships should be developed out of this youth exchange. It is very important that the conscious for a fair society for all people and for a life in peace should be strenghtend.

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