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Alveare: to bee safe
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The research of the European Commission "The Erasmus Impact Study - Regional Analysis" (2016) explains how the young people who participated in Erasmus activities show higher values for the personality on traits examined. The experience of mobility also leads to an improvement average in six months through the Erasmus program which can be considered equivalent to a change of personality that normally would take place over four years of experience, without the Erasmus experience.“The mobility of the European workers and citizenships is one of the main factor in which we have to invest in order to turn the European Union into the most competitive and dynamic knowledge society of the world” – European Council of Lisbon, March 2010. The EVS project “Alveare: to bee safe” grounds on these recommendations. The project involves 4 volunteers from 4 different countries (Germany, Portugal, Albania, Ukraine). They will work together for 10 months in the multi-ethnic nursery “ Alveare” – that accommodates 25 Italian and foreign children from 3 to 5 years old (principal activity), in the "House of Peace", and in the Intercultural Centre “Incontri” - that involves several activities with Italian and foreign young people and women. In addition, they will enforce the new volunteer blog, called “mondoaltro”, of the Mondoaltro Foundation that is the operational arm of the Diocesan Caritas of Agrigento. This project maintains the continuity with the previous two edition of the Evs “ Alveare” that it has already reached good results. Anyway, the project “Alveare: to bee safe” adds some improvements and looks ahead. The European Volunteer Service will be a “learning service” that works on behalf of the local community and it fosters the learning of new knowledge, competences and new languages on favour of the volunteers. The volunteers will actively contribute to the development of local Agrigento community. In fact, they will improve the promotion of inclusion of immigrant children and their families. Furthermore, all these experiences can give to the volunteers the chance to learn new competences, to improve their capacities and their lease on job. The activities will base on topics such as social inclusion, inter-culture, social integration, development of social community, creativity, peace, innovation, personal and professional growth of the volunteers in order to encourage the active citizenship in Italy and Europe. Moreover, we want to encourage the achievement of the Europe 2020 Strategy and Erasmus+ purposes through these specific actions. The activities allow the Evs volunteers to work with the assistance of the Foundation staff on behalf of different people – children, young people, women, families, immigrants group, volunteers – who avail the services of the Mondoaltro Foundation. The volunteers will get involved in: -educational planning and realization of the activities;-development of events and activities that encourage the intercultural dialogue, the voluntary work, the cooperation, the informal formation, Erasmus+ promotion for the peers and the development of a personal and professional project that is going to allow them to increase their knowledge and competences. The name of the project play with the words "to be" and " bee" considered that the name of the multiethnic nursery is "Beehive" .The learning methods will be informal and they will involve the “learning by doing”, “Peer to peer”, the collaborative and cooperative learning, the creative thinking, the team building and the structured dialogue. The choice of partners was made in a strategic manner to ensure the two countries with which Agrigento and Italy share the issues related to migration (Germany and Portugal) to connect the partnership in the activities of the multiethnic nursery and intercultural activities. As two countries with conflicted geopolitical situations (Albania and Ukraine) to connect the partnership in the activities of the "House of Peace".By the project “Alveare: to bee safe”, the EVS volunteer will offer a contribution to the society and he will change himself with strong effect. All these elements will produce an enrichment and personal satisfaction for the EVS volunteer who will come to be an inventive to continue social activities promoting a better society and becoming an example for the other young people.

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